5 Ways I'm Using My 5 Senses

5 Ways I'm Using My 5 Senses

I've been laying in bed, wondering what to post on my blog today. Good news folks, you'll still have a post. Inspiration has finally struck me! Here are five ways I'm using my five senses RIGHT now.

Sight: I'm looking at silly family pictures on my electronic photo frame. I wonder if I'm allowed to post any here. Maybe they are too embarrassing to share. No, really they are cute. Here you go.

Caption our expressions! It seems my poor parents had a hard time taking any "normal" photos of us!

Hearing: I'm hear my air purifier, which serves as a white noise machine when I turn it up to the highest setting at night. I also hear my fingers striking my keyboard. I hear a neighbor cutting grass. 

Touch: My fingers are touching my keyboard, and much of my body is touching cotton fabric.

Smell: Sniff, sniff, sniff. Do I smell anything besides my sweat from running a fever? Okay, I just opened my window so that I can say I'm smelling the fresh air and the sweet grass that my neighbor is cutting.

Taste: I taste a bit of banana still lingering in my mouth from when I ate it one hour ago. Now I'm fasting until 5 PM. I have a very strict eating schedule because I must take certain medications and supplements on an empty stomach multiple times each day.

How are you using your five senses RIGHT now?

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