A Rewiring Update

A Rewiring Update


I can’t think of any better way to begin this update than with that little but exciting word. In two-and-a-half months, my life has dramatically changed.

I’ve been continuing to retrain my brain with the Dynamic Neural Retraining System and somatic exercises, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. I’m completely off Ibuprofen, Misoprostol, and Prednisone, and I am weaning off Hydrocortisone. I'm almost off a mast cell stabilizer/antihistamine. I’ve stopped or reduced multiple supplements, and I am on about 50% of the Babesia treatment I used to take. I feel the best I have since age 13!

I no longer spend the majority of my time in bed. I walk 2 miles outside with my mom every day, and we have both walked 69 miles since the first day of spring. We are in a challenge to walk 100 miles by June 20th, but it looks like we will surpass that goal! I’ve attended church in person for the past 4 Sundays, and I went to Phipps Conservatory with my family last week. I visited my grandma a few weeks ago and celebrated her 93rd birthday with my family, and I went hiking all in the same day! I help around the house, including with the cooking, and I’m adding new foods into my diet. I participate in a once a month reading club over Zoom, and I’m learning Spanish on Duolingo. In March, I traveled with my parents to visit my brother Ben in Harrisburg. We made the 6-hour round-trip drive all in one day, and I held up well. I am making plans to finish my education, and I hope to get my driver’s permit in May after my ophthalmology appointment on May 10th. It appears that I’ll need glasses.

There are ups and downs in how I'm feeling but to a much lesser extent than in the past. Considering my history and that before I started DNRS, I felt flu-like every day and spent the majority of my time in bed… well, the life I am living now is incredible! I often accomplish more in one day than what I used to accomplish in one week and sometimes even one month. As my dad recently commented, "It's like the snow is melting in Narnia." We thank God for it, and I am excited for what is ahead as I continue to rewire!



Nancy, it’s so good to hear from you! When we got to Phipps, we saw you and your husband leaving, although I don’t think you saw us, and we ended up taking your parking space! We thought that was special. I’m glad to see that you’re still the accompanist for the Westmoreland Choral Society! I’d love to eventually get back into choir.

Lauren Watt

I am SO thrilled for you! Your news is nothing short of amazing! May God continue to keep you in his care and help you continue your journey to good health! There’s a whole world out there for you to explore!!

nancy sheehan

Thanks, Lani! I am thrilled. Hugs right back to you!

Lauren Watt

I am beyond happy to hear this wonderful news! Sending hugs!

Lani Enterline

Amen, Mandie! I pray the snow will melt for you as well. ❤️

Lauren Watt

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