Announcing My Online Art Store

Announcing My Online Art Store

Dear friends, 

It has been nearly a month-and-a-half since I have posted a health update here. While my health is up and down, fortunately, I'm still trending forward. 

Early last month, I began a new antibiotic against Babesia. It has a 2 week half-life, which means it takes 2 weeks for a dose to lose half its potency! Yes, it is very strong! Because of this, I only take this antibiotic 1x per week. The levels in my body are building up with each weekly dose and will continue to do so over 3 months on any given dose. Hopefully, I'll be able to increase the milligrams of my weekly dose in a few weeks. It depends how I'm tolerating the treatment and what my oxygen saturation levels are. I also still have another anti-babesial to add when I can tolerate it.

When my health allows, I enjoy art, and I'm excited to share that I now have an online store,! There you'll find cards with my artwork, miniature acrylic paintings on easels (they make lovely gifts and desk decorations), and a 2022 Christian nature calendar that I designed. The calendar is 8.5"x11", and each month features a season appropriate nature photo taken by my family, friends, and myself and a Bible passage. 100% of the profits from my art store goes toward my medical GoFundMe campaign.

For those wanting to support my art store and thus raise money for my treatments, here are ways to help:
  • If you have social media, please follow Lauren's Easel on Instagram and Twitter and like Lauren's Easel on Facebook. Please share my social media posts to reach more people.
  • Please participate in my contests of buying calendars and possibly win one of my acrylic paintings. Read the rules here. The contests are only open until November 1st, so hurry.
  • If you are able to buy, please don't wait to order. By buying now, I'll have more funds for treatment sooner.
  • If you're local, please use the discount code PICKUP to avoid shipping. Then pick-up your order directly from my family and me and say hello. We'd enjoy seeing YOU. 🙂

I am very thankful to feel well enough to spend some of my time each week on my art. Art is easier for me than reading and writing due to my struggles with brain fog, and it is a good outlet. I still spend the majority of my time in bed as I still battle severe fatigue, fevers, flu-like symptoms, etc, but I am continuing to make progress. I walk a mile several days each week, and a few times a month I have some better days than I've had in 6 years. Thankfully, I had one of those "good days" on Monday, and I was able to visit my 91 year old maternal grandma, who is in an assisted living facility 1 hour from where we live. I also felt well enough to stop briefly at a nature reserve near her. I herxed and felt worse from my morning of activity, but I was so happy to be able to go. Days where I can get out still aren't my "normal," but I'm healing and making progress.

I am thankful for the support of my family, friends, and doctors. Both Dr. L and Dr. M will be in Florida from tomorrow (10-13-21) until Sunday (10-17-21) for a 4 day conference where they will be teaching other doctors about how to treat the infections and resulting conditions that I have. I have a feeling that my case will be discussed! 🙂 Thank you for your continued prayers.

Love in Christ,


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