Book Review: A Prayer Unanswered

Book Review: A Prayer Unanswered

In every marriage, there are times of sentimentality and sweetness, and there are times of misunderstanding, hurt, and anger. There is drama. 

A Prayer Unanswered by Kellyn Roth is a story of the life of Alice and Peter, beginning just before their marriage and then chronicling the first year or so of their life as a married couple during the Victorian era. It has many mature themes, including miscarriage and self-hatred, and there are mentions of rape, suicide, and menstrual cycles. Nothing is gratuitous, but this isn't a children's book. Due to the content, the audience is probably best suited for older teens and adults.

A Prayer Unanswered is the fifth book in Roth's series, The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, but I was able to follow the story despite having not read the prior books. And A Prayer Unanswered impressed me so much that I hope to read the rest of the series! I felt like some of the characters could have been developed a little more, but I think that's because this book is part of a series. I'm sure they were developed in the earlier books, and I look forward to reading them and gaining a deeper appreciation for who they are. 

I can't say too much without giving away spoilers, but A Prayer Unanswered touched me and nearly had me in tears a few times. It left me pondering many things, mainly about how important communication is and how I should always extend grace and never assume that I fully know what another is going through, even my spouse, should I ever marry. It showed me how important honesty is and how easily actions can be misinterpreted. And despite the seriousness in the book, there were also humorous moments and things the characters said that had me chuckling. Roth's novel certainly doesn't depict a fairy tale marriage, but nobody has a perfect relationship. And while the trials and misunderstandings in Alice and Peter's marriage are hopefully more dramatic than most people will face, the story ends with redemption and hope. I hope you will buy a copy of A Prayer Unanswered and will be blessed as much as I was by this book. It is one of my new favorite novels.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of A Prayer Unanswered from Wild Blue Wonder Press in exchange for a review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Lilly, that’s cool that you have read some of Kellyn’s stories, and I think you would enjoy A Prayer Unanswered. Also, stay tuned for an upcoming interview on this blog with Kellyn! I’m so excited.

Lauren Watt

I’ve read some of Kellyn’s short stories, but I’ve never read this series. Thanks for the review!


You’re welcome, Kristin! It’s always exciting to find a good book.

Lauren Watt

Thanks for the review, Lauren! It can be hard to find good and edifying yet engaging fiction. So I appreciate the recommendation!

Kristin Tegethoff

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