Creating Cards from Maps

Creating Cards from Maps

Health Tip: Want a bigger, healthier brain? Toss your GPS and revert to road maps! "A multinational team of investigators has found that using GPS might be harmful to your mind because it bypasses and thus atrophies your brain's hippocampus, which is the key to many everyday tasks as well as remembering the past and envisioning the future." (The Farmer's Almanac)

But if you don't care about your hippocampus and your maps are simply collecting dust, use them to create cards.
Be creative! Cut your map to the desired size and glue to your card. Stamp sentiments with ink, tear paper for a rustic look, use old postage stamps and scraps of cardstock for embellishments. Upcycle!

Have fun and send some happy mail!

Final Warning: Failure to navigate using road maps may result in hippocampus that shrinks so dramatically that you end up needing TWO GPSes. The evidence is below...

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