Favorite April Photos

Favorite April Photos

In January, I upgraded to a new phone with a much better camera, and I have been taking a photo every day since! Here are my favorite photos from April. 

Sunset on Silent Saturday was especially beautiful.

Nothing else quite speaks of spring to me as daffodils do.

Our white clematis after a heavy rainfall


Close-up of a tulip leaf

Waiting room at the lab

View from my bedroom window of surprise snowfall on April 19th!

Some people see dandelions as weeds, but I love them.

Pink buds on our redbud tree

A low-detailed rendering I drew of Ms. Valerie Frizzle when I was eight years old and recently discovered, LOL.

Here's another... Every artist has to start somewhere!

Lynda Drive in our neighborhood

What's your favorite photo? What sorts of photos would you like to see more of? Comment below! 

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