Favorite May Photos

Favorite May Photos

April showers bring May flowers, so this month's photo post predominately features flowers growing in my family's yard along with a few pictures from Braddock's Trails Park. Enjoy!

 A rhododendron flower beginning to open

A flower soon after it opened on our dogwood tree
The flowers of the dogwood tree a few weeks later.
Purple clematis
Sunlight shining through beech tree leaves
Pink rhododendron bush
Lovely little fairy lilies
I love mountain laurel, although I might be biased because of my name. 
Shiny leaf on our redbud tree
An iris
Waterfall at Braddock's Trail Park
A primrose
My favorite book for identifying plants and animals 


What's your favorite photo? Comment below!



My favorite is the moutain laurel. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Lisa Watt

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