Favorite November Input

Favorite November Input

Enjoy this collection of my favorite input from November!

Favorite Articles:

Giving Thanks in the Hard

Why I'm Grateful for My Chronic Illness

I Used to Laugh at Ghosts

My Journey to Finding Home

Favorite Music


He Is My Defense

I Wonder as I Wander

Just Another Christmas

Favorite Photos by Yours Truly

Sunbathing turtles


Our first major snow


What was your favorite input from this month?


Thanks for reminding me about Kate Bowler’s advent devotional, Pastor Wilson! I downloaded it before the start of advent, but I forgot about it. I’m going to start using it now and am glad to hear that you’re enjoying it. The Rosaria Butterfield podcast sounds interesting; I read her book, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, many years ago. I’m also glad that you followed Alice Mills on Twitter!

Lauren Watt

I started using Kate Bowler’s Advent devotional last Sunday. Really enjoying it. The “Mortification of Spin” podcast with Rosaria Butterfield was both fun and helpful. BTW, added Alice Mills to my Twitter feed after your last list of favorites.

Jack Wilson

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