Forward, Always Forward

Forward, Always Forward

“Forward, always forward,” my mom likes to say when I’m discouraged. It’s from a Boniface Wimmer quote that reads, “Forward, always forward, everywhere forward! We must not be held back by debts, bad years, or by difficulties of the times. Man’s adversity is God’s opportunity.”

And so I’m pushing forward despite recent setbacks and discouragement. In December, I wanted to post a recap of 2021, but I couldn’t think. Brain fog left me searching for words in conversation far more than usual, and writing was harder. I had worse fatigue, nausea, headaches, and fevers. I went back to spending almost all day in bed after having some better days in late November where I was able to do more reading, writing, and art and go on short outings. Then in January I thought I’d write a post for the New Year, but instead the Babesia herxing grew even worse. I had to temporarily stop one of my Babesia treatments due to the severity of my symptoms and concerning lab work.

I was starting to feel a little better early last week when I noticed my throat was sore, and I was starting to cough. Two days later, I was vomiting, and my thermometer beeped with a reading of 105° F. Yes, I got COVID on top of everything else.

But I’m getting better, and I’m so thankful. I had to temporarily stop all my Babesia treatments when I got the high fever, but now I’m gradually adding them back and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. I still have a mild cough, some congestion, and a sore throat, but I’m doing a little better every day. I sleep a majority of the time currently and am weaker and more fatigued, both from COVID and Babesia herxing, but I’m very hopeful. Yes, I’ve had a setback, but I’m going to keep pressing onward. Recovery is an up and down process, but the trend is forward. That’s what counts, and somehow I am going to be made stronger by this.

As Josh Garrels sings in Don't Be Afraid,

“Don't be afraid to try your hardest
Carry the weight and rise when you fall down
The weight won't break your soul
But make you strong and able to hold
All the good things
Yet to come”

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Good encouraging article Lauren! Thanks for sharing it. 👍😊

Tammi Rhoney

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