Book Review: How to Live with a Neurotic Dog

Book Review: How to Live with a Neurotic Dog

How to Live with a Neurotic Dog by Stephen Baker. It was the first title I saw when I walked into the book room at the local thrift store, and since it was only $1 and the title alone made me laugh, I impulsively bought it.

From the publisher, "How to Live with a Neurotic Dog is a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, self-help parody that is a must have for dog owners who are baffled by their dog's quirky habits and questionable conduct. Whether Fido compulsively chews up old blankets, obsessively licks the hardwood floor, refuses to potty outside or barks uncontrollably at an empty corner, bestselling humor author Stephen Baker offers 'expert' advice on understanding, analyzing, and curing aberrant behavior.

The hilarious insight from author Stephen Baker provides an inside look on neurotic dogs for those who either already own dogs and deal with this problem every day, or those who do not own dogs and enjoy laughing at those who do. If you have suffered from life with a neurotic dog, you will empathize with the author as he explains how to find peace with dogs. The canine persuasion is a funny thing, and it is easy to fall prey to their deviant ways.

Learn how to watch out for yourself and the rest of your household in How to Live with a Neurotic Dog. The newly repackaged How to Live with a Neurotic Dog covers a wide range of neuroses, including training, grooming, traveling, playing and feeding freak outs."

I found How to Live with a Neurotic Dog to be entertaining and the perfect read for when I was frustrated with our dog’s behavior and needing a laugh. In 11 chapters, Baker covers topics including what makes a dog neurotic, training the neurotic dog, sleeping habits of the neurotic dog, feeding the neurotic dog, and more.

Throughout the book, Baker makes many profound points such as, “There is a reason for everything a dog does. In his opinion, these reasons are valid whether we, the owners, think so or not. If for example, he is the first to reach the food on the dining room table there is a reason for his getting there before anyone else: he’s hungry.”

And there are lots of amusing illustrations. Here's a sample:

Baker also provides a bullet pointed summary at the end of each chapter such as this one.

Baker concludes that the neurotic dog cannot be cured, but he provides entertaining thoughts on dog psychology. The book is available on Amazon, and if you read a copy, you're in for a real treat. Happy National Dog Day!

Image of when our neurotic dog steals a pizza crust off the road and refuses to give it up.


Ben, thanks for commenting! I’m glad you liked the photo of Pascal!

Lauren Watt

Great image of our neurotic dog! This book is actually worth reading as a mild satire of psychoanalysis.


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