How to Make a Live Snowman

How to Make a Live Snowman

Do you want to make a snowman, but don't have the energy? Or maybe the snow doesn't pack well?

Well, last weekend, a major snowstorm hit Southwestern PA, where I live, but the above was my dilemma. However, my mom and I felt a strong obligation to make a snowman because of the below picture she'd posted to Facebook the day before, along with the text, "Getting ready. Hope it is not a let down."

It caused quite the stir between family members and friends, and now I know who likes snow and who doesn't! My own father's feelings became evident when he added to the conversation, saying that he was the "Springman" and posted the following photo.

However, when the snow came and we had 6", I wasn't up for making a snowman, and besides it didn't pack well. So, I came up with an alternative solution!

"Let's make you into a snowman!" I suggested to my mom, and she willingly agreed.

Mom and I bundled up, and I grabbed our snowman kit, a pair of scissors, and two white garbage bags, and we walked outside.

"Here, I'm going to pull these bags over you," I explained. I cut the bottoms of both bags open and pulled one over my mom's torso and one over her legs. She looked rather transformed!

Then I broke a branch off a tree and cut two holes on either side of the upper body garbage bag and fed the branch through either end. Tada! Frosty now had arms! "Oh, we should put a pair of mittens on you," I said, so I went back in the house to grab a pair and then put mittens on Frosty's arms. 

Mom sure looked like a snowman now! She was already wearing a hat, I tied a scarf around her neck, and she had a pipe in her mouth. That's when we heard laughter. A neighbor was walking her dog and thought the whole thing was hysterical. Who wouldn't? That's why I'm posting this after all.

"Okay, let's get your picture now," I said to my mom. 

And that, my readers, is how to make a real, live snowman. 

"Frosty the snowman
was alive as he could be
And the children say he could laugh
and play just the same as you and me"

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