Humpty Dumpty Rewritten

Humpty Dumpty Rewritten

"If you had to rewrite Humpty Dumpty, how would you do it?" I asked my family on Easter. 

​We sat in the living room thinking.

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a brick,

Humpty Dumpty posed for a pic,

But all of his looks, and all of our wits,
Couldn't recover the camera's lost bits."

Special thanks to my family, especially Ben, for their assistance in writing this poem. Special thanks to my dad for corrupting the final image and using his selfie stick to photograph my mom, dad, and me. And, if I may say so, special thanks to myself for decorating the egg and taking the Humpty Dumpty pictures. ;)

To all my readers, happy National Poetry Month from my family, a half-dozen eggheads.

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