Medical Trip Update

Medical Trip Update

Whew! I had my annual in-office appointment with my Babesia and hormone specialist in Northeastern PA on Tuesday. I’ve been in recovery mode after being on the road Monday and Tuesday for eleven hours round-trip with my parents, but fortunately, I am bouncing back after lying in bed all day yesterday and sleeping for hours. Each annual trip is getting easier, and it’s an encouraging sign of my progress. I'm thankful for my parents for driving and for packing food for the two days we were gone.

My appointment went well, and my parents and I met with my specialist for 80 minutes. Since I am now able to tolerate stronger antibabesial medications, he recommended that I stop one of my weaker antibabesials that I began towards the beginning of my Babesia treatment. He doesn’t think I’m getting much benefit from it now that I’m on stronger medications, and it is very expensive. I’ll finish off what I have left of the weaker antibabesial medication and then see how I feel not taking it. He also prescribed Progesterone to help with my menstrual issues. The overall plan is to continue to slowly increase my antibabesial treatments as tolerated. I'm very thankful for my specialist, and it was encouraging to see him again.

On the trip, we stopped at Ricketts Glen State Park for about 30 minutes and enjoyed seeing the easily accessible Adams Falls. The park has 24 waterfalls, and I am making a goal that someday I’ll hike through the park and see all 24 of them. I really think it will happen eventually because I am getting better slowly but surely! Northeastern PA is very pretty, and I took many pictures, some of which I’ve inserted below. Enjoy and let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Driving through the countryside

Adams Falls at Ricketts Glen

Mom and Dad enjoying the waterfall

Trail at Ricketts Glen

Susquehanna River

Impressive clouds over a field

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