Favorite August Input

Favorite August Input

Welcome to the first post in a new monthly series where I'm sharing some of my favorite "input" from the past month. I hope you enjoy the below articles, music, photos, and more!

Favorite Articles:

Dear Christian Novelists: Cleanness Is Not Next to Godliness

Invisible Illness Visible Worth Interview with Katerina

6 Tips for Facing Culture Shock After Chronic Illness

Favorite Songs:


More than Anything

The Rain Keeps Falling


Instagram Account Spotlight

@mandies.watercolorgarden. My friend Mandie is talented with watercolors and has a public Instagram account where you can enjoy her art. What is even more amazing? Mandie paints all these pictures from her bed as she suffers from chronic babesiosis. Check out her page and give her a follow!

Favorite Crochet Patterns:

Circular Potholders

Fabulously Festive Christmas Stockings

One Skien Granny Rows Scarf

Favorite August Photos Taken by Yours Truly


What was your favorite input from this post? Comment below!

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