My Favorite Herbal Teas

My Favorite Herbal Teas

There's something wonderful about sipping something hot while watching snow gently fall outside. I don't drink coffee, and the fact that I'm also dairy free and low sugar limits my drink options. But thanks to herbal teas, there are still plenty of hot drinks that I can enjoy!

My family and I especially enjoy organic teas from the Bulk Herb Store. Some of our favorites are their Gingersnap Tea, Red Rootibos Tea, Apple Pie Tea, and Peppermint Tea. 

If you need a Christmas gift for someone, consider buying them a bag of loose-leaf herbal tea, a tea infuser, and a special mug. They make a lovely gift!

What are your favorite teas or hot drinks?


You’re welcome, and I’m happy to hear that you also enjoy tea, Ellen!

Lauren Watt

I’m a tea drinker too! I’ll have to try your recommendations! Thank you!

Ellen Jalosky

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