Proceed with Caution

Proceed with Caution

Taking Mepron is a bit like working a construction job. It's hard, it makes me sweat (literally!), and I have to PROCEED WITH CAUTION. 

Mepron also reminds me of construction because it's YELLOW. It's called the Yellow Paint Medicine, after all.

So how are things going on Mepron? Well, it's a crazy ride of ups and downs, but I'm making progress. Most days I feel worse, as my symptoms have intensified on the treatment. But between herxes, I have had a few days with more energy than I've had in 5 years. That doesn't mean I felt great on those days, but when I went for a mile walk, shopped at Walmart, and then cleaned my room all in one day, it was encouraging!

I'm not sure when I'll have another day like that, but it gives me hope! For the past week, I've been feeling much more flu-like again. The hard thing is that when I feel a little better, I have to increase the medicine again, which makes me feel worse initially. Lately, I've had a lot of nausea, sweating, fevers, achiness, and malaise from all the herxing.

I'm on 1.5 tsp of Mepron now, and I am increasing weekly. Likely, I'll be on the full dose of 4 tsp in another 5 weeks. Then we'll be adding the next anti-Babesia medicine. There are 3 anti-Babesia medicines besides Mepron that I'll eventually be on, but we have to add them in and increase them slowly. The treatment is intense, so I have to email my doctor weekly and proceed with caution.

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