Lessons from Raising a Monarch Butterfly

Lessons from Raising a Monarch Butterfly

The day after I posted about the Westmoreland Fair, my mom found a monarch caterpillar on milkweed and brought it home for me. It felt symbolic and like a special gift from God, and I excitedly put the caterpillar in our butterfly pavilion.

The next day the caterpillar climbed to the top of the pavilion and hung upside down in a J shape. 

It stayed in that position for a little over a day, and then it shed its skin and became a chrysalis. 

After 10 days of being in the chrysalis, the butterfly emerged on Sunday, and we released it yesterday. 

The process was amazing to watch, and I trust that just as God transformed the caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, He is also transforming me into His image. 

 "The purpose of adversity is often illustrated by a caterpillar struggling to break out of its [chrysalis] into a beautiful butterfly. Watching such a struggle, we may want to help the butterfly by snipping open the [chrysalis]. But the struggle to emerge is necessary for developing the muscle system and pushing the body fluids into the wings to expand them. And it is trials of various kinds that produce the fruit of Christlike character." ~ Jerry Bridges


Thanks for commenting, Father! You and Mother are a blessing to me as well. I’m glad that you enjoyed the video.

Lauren Watt

Dear Lauren Elizabeth – Thank you for helping to make my day so special as you made the doll that boosted Grandma’s morale and that in turn boosted Mom’s morale. Such a blessing you are to me and my beautiful bride. This is a wonderful article and I enjoyed watching the video again. Goodnight.

Robert Watt

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