A Tall Tale for St. Patrick's Day

A Tall Tale for St. Patrick's Day

Want to know a fun fact about St. Patrick’s Day that you won't find anywhere else?

Today I am celebrating my Irish roots and the fact that I live surrounded by leprechauns.

They tower high above me and celebrate their Irish heritage with their green leaves.

You see, the legendary leprechauns are really just tree seedlings that dance and visit people's homes until they put their roots down on my family’s property, and you guessed it, there they grow up to be the WORLD’S TALLEST LEPRECHAUNS. And since the Watts have some of their genes and breath in the magical gasses that they emit, we are tall too. I am six feet to be exact.

You're sincerely welcome for this history lesson and tall tale. I hope you found it quite interesting and educational. It was previously classified information, so you ought to be feeling lucky to have heard it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


You know we’re partly Irish, and you’ve told me so yourself! But even if we weren’t, I’d probably have still said so for the sake of this tall tale.

Lauren Watt

I’m not going to ask where this picture was taken, because I figured it out, after wondering if you had climbed some observation tower in a state forest. I’m am going to have to ask where you came up with the idea that you have Irish heritage!

Benjamin Watt

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