The Get to Know Me Tag: Writer's Edition

The Get to Know Me Tag: Writer's Edition

I'm excited to be participating in my first blog tag! Thanks to Bethany at A Ruby in the Rough for inviting me. This was a fun post to write!

1. Vital Stats and Appearance

(pen) Name: Lauren Watt. Yes, that's my real name and a powerful last one.

Nickname: Most people don't call me by nicknames, but my immediate family, especially my dad, will sometimes call me L.E.W. (pronounced Lou) because those are my initials. A few friends also call me Detective Watt because I love researching and solving mysteries.

Birthday: My birthday is May 10th.

Hair color and length: My hair is brown and has some natural amber highlights. It currently falls several inches below my shoulders.

Eye color: Blue.

Braces/piercings/tattoos: None, but I used to wear dental braces.

Righty or lefty: I’m a righty, but sometimes I eat with my left hand for a fun challenge! 

Ethnicity: I'm Eastern European and more specifically have some Scotch-Irish, Belgium, Slovakian, and German blood.

2. Firsts

First novel written: I don't have any novels written.

First novel completed: None.

Award for writing: When I was 13, I received an honorable mention in an essay contest hosted by Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh and won $50. 

First publication: I've had multiple articles published online, but the first time I had an article published in print was in a magazine this year.

Conference: If we're talking about writing conferences, I've never attended one. However, I remember listening to a session about writing and self-publishing at a homeschool conference I attended when I was around 12.

Query/pitch: None. I do have a few books I'm planning, though, so Lord willing, I may eventually be querying!

3. Favorites

Genre: Memoir.

Author: As far as memoirs go, I really enjoyed Katie Davis Majors and Andrew Peterson's memoirs.

Writing music: Occasionally, I will listen to Quiet Quest Study Music on YouTube while writing, but I mostly write in silence or at least as silent as my family's house is! There is often a dog barking and lovebirds singing.

Time to write: I generally write in the evening or afternoon, but when I write varies depending on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I'll even write in the middle of the night when I'm having insomnia.

Writing Snack/Drink: I don’t often snack while writing, but one of my favorite snacks is a glass of water and apples slices with peanut butter.

Movie: I rarely watch movies and couldn’t watch any for years due to my sensory sensitivities, headaches, and low energy, so my options for choosing a favorite are limited. However, last year I watched Tangled Ever After, and it was the most action packed, dramatic, and hilarious six-minute film that I've ever seen. 

Writing memory: When I was around 6, I dictated a short story to my mom that was called The Cow on the Clothesline. It was about an acrobatic cow that jumped onto a clothesline. Let's just say that I had an active imagination and that my poor mom had to type as fast as she could. ;)

Childhood book: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. 

4. Currently

Reading: I am slowly reading multiple books at once. Some of the books I am currently reading are The Hardest Peace by Kara Tippets, Being There by Dave Furman, Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and By Design by Susan Hunt.

Writing: Letters, emails, DMs, and blog posts.

Listening to: Christmas music. Please don't tell me that it's too early!

Watching: Videos from the Piano Guys. Their music and the accompanying video footage is amazing.

Learning: I've been taking classes on The Young Writer's Workshop and have been learning a variety of skills such as how to be more productive, make money, and research. I'm also learning to trust God in everything, which is a lesson He is continually teaching me.

5. Future

Want to be published: Yes! I would like to publish a memoir about my illness and a book about how to minister to the chronically ill and their families. 

Indie or Traditional: I'm not sure which route I'll go, and I might use both routes for different books. There are pros and cons to both.

Wildest goal: My vocation is to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength and my neighbor as myself. That is a high standard to live to and one I never entirely will until heaven, but I try! 


I'm supposed to tag eleven other bloggers to answer these questions and link back to Savannah, the creator of this tag. That's a lot of people to tag, so I'll just tag five by name. If you're a blogger reading this, consider yourself tagged!


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Thanks, Lillian! I’m glad you enjoyed this tag. I haven’t read a mystery book for a long time, but I loved the Nancy Drew books when I read them years ago. :)

Lauren Watt

Mysteries are one of my favorites, particularly movie ones! I really enjoyed this tag, Lauren; you had fantastic answers! Best wishes with your writing :)

Lillian Keith

Thanks for reading and commenting, Grandpap! And yum, I’m glad you enjoyed one of my favorite snacks. I eat my apples with the skin, though.

Lauren Watt

Enjoyed your blog of your love for writing. Gotta tell you. When I read about you eating sliced apple with peanut butter on it, it brought back at memory. So I went to the refrigerator and got an apple peeled and sliced it and sat here and ate it with peanut butter on each slice. Haven’t done that in a long time. Oh yeah. That was a really good idea and I liked it.
Feel sure you Jared my memory for something I forgot about.
Thank you Lauren.


Thank you for reading, Cassie! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, and I’m looking forward to when you do the tag!

Lauren Watt

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