Westmoreland Fair Recap

Westmoreland Fair Recap

Some of my best childhood memories surround the Westmoreland Fair. I entered handmade items every year from around age 6 until age 14. For several years, I also participated in 4-H entomology, and I raised monarch butterflies several times with my family.

But then I became chronically ill at age 14 in May of 2015. I entered in the fair one final time that August, never imagining that I would be too sick to enter again until I was 21, and yet that is exactly how the future unfolded. If you're a longtime reader of my blog, you know my story, but if you're new, you can read more of what happened here. The short story is that for years I became too disabled to do almost anything but lay in bed, eat, and use the restroom as a result of chronic Babesia odocoilei and Bartonella infections and complications. Both infections are spread by ticks and Bartonella by cat scratches also.

There was a time I thought I'd never enter in the fair again, but this year, I made a comeback. After being too sick to participate for 7 years, this year I entered 23 handmade items and purple cone flowers! I received 18 ribbons, 6 of which were 1st place, 2 of which were 2nd place, 5 of which were 3rd place, 3 of which were 4th place, and 2 of which were 5th place. Below are photos of my winning entries. 

The entry that was most meaningful to me was my monarch butterfly wall hanging, and I was excited that it took 1st place. Praise the Lord that little by little I am emerging from my chrysalis and am beginning to spread my wings.

The Westmoreland Fair continues until this Saturday, August 27th. If you're local, I hope you'll visit and enjoy the many handmade items, floral arrangements, produce, animals, and more!

Me with my new friend. Maybe I will have my own goat someday. :)


Thank you for sharing your story and your connection to the fair. We miss not being able to attend this year, especially to wotness your spectacular comeback! WOW! CONGRATS on your success and the beautiful items you created to share with the fair goers!

Penny durbiano

Thank you, Mrs. Ager! It truly is wonderful!

Lauren Watt

It’s so wonderful to see you being able to do all these things, using your talents.

Louise Ager

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