Favorite May Photos

Favorite May Photos

April showers bring May flowers, so this month's photo post predominately features flowers growing in my family's yard along with a few pictures from Braddock's Trails Park. Enjoy!

 A rhododendron flower beginning to open

A flower soon after it opened on our dogwood tree
The flowers of the dogwood tree a few weeks later.
Purple clematis
Sunlight shining through beech tree leaves
Pink rhododendron bush
Lovely little fairy lilies
I love mountain laurel, although I might be biased because of my name. 
Shiny leaf on our redbud tree
An iris
Waterfall at Braddock's Trail Park
A primrose
My favorite book for identifying plants and animals 


What's your favorite photo? Comment below!



Valerie, yes, I saved some of my photos especially for this post and didn’t share all of them on Facebook. Unfortunately, Shopify (the platform I use for this website and blog) has a size limit for how big the photos can be, and a few times I have had to shrink images. I’ll send you the primrose photo directly. The GIF made me chuckle!

Lauren Watt

These are beautiful, but is there a place where I can find larger versions of these photos? I don’t see all of them on your Facebook page. I would especially like a larger version of the primrose photo.

If you haven’t seen it, this is the classic Internet response to an image that is smaller than one would like (it’s from the movie, Zoolander): https://media.makeameme.org/created/what-is-this-zhdn07.jpg

Valerie Lindner

Thanks for the comments, everyone! Lilly, I’m glad you were able to enjoy some flowers in my post that you don’t see in Indiana. I bet you also have ones that I don’t.

Lauren Watt

Lovely photos, Lauren! I don’t think I’ve seen some of these flowers in Indiana.

Lilly Wiscaver

Great job on the article and photos Lauren! You’re a good photographer too. ❤️

Tammi Rhoney

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