My Favorite Winter Photos

My Favorite Winter Photos

Today, there is snow melting outside, and I am glad for signs of spring. But there is a certain beauty that winter brings, so please enjoy my curation of favorite winter photographs from 2022. All these were taken around my home and neighborhood in Pennsylvania!  

My neighbors' dog Gus and his cute pawprints in the snow

It's a whiteout!

My favorite type of selfie

Our patio swing where I often seek solitude

Grass peeking through the snow

Our front deck

My next-door neighbors' yard
Snow on our holly tree's branches
Mom as Frosty
Woods behind our home
A winter sunset

What's your favorite photo? Comment below!

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Lauren, it is very satisfying to see this line up of photos from the winter season around home. I think my favorite pictures are the white out and the patio swing. Winter can be both fierce and gentle. This morning I saw signs along my trail from the picture book titled “Grandmother Winter,” and it seems the perfect thing to share back to you:

Ben Watt

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